Oil and Fuel Delivery

For over 63 years Freeman Fuel Co. Inc. has been delivering home heating oil to New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on reliable and timely deliveries. Prior to your first delivery we will conduct a FREE visual inspection of your oil tank and heating system for Insurance and State Code purposes. This safety inspection must be completed before any fuel deliveries are made to your home. A customer service representative will contact you prior to placing the order to schedule.


Our Services Include

  • Heating Oil Plus (No. 2 premium heating oil. It is heating oil containing a carefully balanced group of active ingredients to help avoid filter issues, nozzle and strainer plugging, thereby effectively reducing fuel related service calls)
  • On/Off Road Diesel
  • Tank Installation and Replacement
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Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery eliminates the need for you to schedule oil deliveries. It is based on ‘degree days’ – which are determined daily and updated after each delivery. This is the most accurate system, and also the most convenient.

Will-Call Delivery

As a ‘will-call’ customer, you monitor your own oil usage and call us when you need your next delivery.

When your tank reaches the 1/4 full mark, please call us and we will dispatch a truck to your location. Allow 2-3 business days for delivery. When placing your order, please verify the minimum delivery amount to avoid any additional charges.

To better serve you, please clear paths and driveways of obstructions (snow, ice, etc.)


Payment Terms

Payment Due at Time of Delivery

We accept cash, checks, credit cards. You can now pay On-line with your Credit Card (link to our payment page)

30 Day Terms

With approved credit, you have 30 days to pay for your purchase before Finance Charges begin accruing.


This is quickly becoming our most popular option. Our Budget Plan is a 10 month program that begins in September and ends in June. We use our best estimate for your Oil purchases for the Winter, combined with our best estimate of the price of Heating Oil to arrive at your monthly Budget. All budget plans require that you make your Budget Payment every month regardless of your balance. No finance charges will accrue on your purchases of Heating Oil if your Budget Payment is made each month. June is the ‘settling up” month where your last payment should zero out your balance. We will make adjustments to your Budget Plans if it appears either you consumption or the price of Oil is significantly different than our forecast.